Photos of Evolve in action

Samuel Andrews, Chairperson
Day job: Policy & Information Officer, NZ Drug Foundation
Karaoke song: Lucky, Britney Spears


Casey James, Secretary
Day job: Youth Worker at the Wellington Boys’ and Girls’ Institute (BGI)
Karaoke song: Sometimes Casey sings One Direction songs in the shower when no one’s home.
Casey joined the steering group to get Evolve up and running when he was 13, and then several years later, came back and joined our Board.


Jeff Sissons
Day job: General Counsel for the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi
Karaoke song: Jeff has been banned from attempting karaoke under the articles of the Geneva Convention
Quiz expertise: The Board doesn’t usually join the quiz, but Jeff has the biggest brain we’ve ever seen.


Matt Roberts
Day job: Policy Analyst, Youth Policy Team, Ministry of Social Development
Karaoke song: Matt doesn’t think he should sing.


Gordon Ritson, Treasurer
Day job: Pharmacist
Karaoke song:


Simone Harris
Day job:
Karaoke song:


Shanara Wallace
Day job: Shanara has just finished Year 13 at WEGC, and will start study at Vic in 2017.
Karaoke song:


Eve Kennedy
Day job:
Karaoke song:


Reuben Bennett
Day job:
Karaoke song: