Photos of Evolve in action


Simon Mareko, Youth Worker & Team Leader
Karaoke song: Kiss and Say Goodbye, The Manhattans
Quiz expertise: Musicals and the Catholic Church

The rock of Evolve, Simon has been here nearly as long as we have existed. If you’re at Evolve early in the morning, you might catch Si warming up for the day with a bit of Backstreet Boys.




Terewai Rikihana, Youth Worker
Karaoke song: We are the World, USA for Africa
Quiz expertise: Celebrity gossip and giving clues

Tere runs our Parents’ Group and Learner’s Licence programmes, and is a member of the Evolve Harry Potter fan club.




Kassie Hartendorp, Youth Worker
Karaoke song: Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen.
Quiz expertise: Mountains and rivers of the North Island

Kassie’s skills, passion and empathy make her one of Wellington’s greatest Youth Workers, especially in the LGBTIQ+ space.



Fuzz Tavita, Youth Worker
Karaoke song: Something soulful, Fuzz is a crooner
Quiz expertise: Sports

Fuzz is the guy to see at Evolve for help to sort out those practical things like WINZ benefits that can mess you up if they’re not working right.