Photos of Evolve in action


Sean Hanna, GP
Karaoke song: The Wonky Donkey or E Ipo, Prince Tui Teka
Quiz expertise: Food and wine

Dr Sean has worked with Evolve since before we opened in 2004. He works at Evolve every Friday and is responsible for bringing us a steady stream of awesome new GP Registrars every six months or so.



Rona Carroll, GP
Karaoke song: Rona claims not to do karaoke!
Quiz expertise: The UK

Dr Rona works at Evolve on Wednesdays and Fridays. As well as a GP, Rona is certified Lactation Consultant. She co-facilitates our Parents’ Group and offers free lactation support to young parents.


Pauline Horrill, GP

Karaoke song: Fields of Gold, Sting
Quiz expertise: Inappropriate language and anything French

Dr Pauline works at Evolve every day except Thursdays. She is an actual super-hero.


Shelley Thomson, GP
Karaoke song:
Quiz expertise: 90s pop music*

Proving that you can never really leave Evolve, Dr Shelley is back after time off travelling. She works at Evolve on Wednesdays.

*Disclaimer: Some of the things you read on this website might be made up.