Photos of Evolve in action

We are a bunch of nurses, doctors, counsellors, youth workers, social workers, admin stars and superheroes who work together to make sure young people feel supported when they need it.

Everyone at Evolve is here because we love young people. We also love food, the 5 minute quiz and karaoke. Well, some of us love karaoke! The others mostly just tolerate it.

Right from the start, young people and youth participation have been at the core of our service and everything we do. In fact, Evolve was set up by a group of young people who got together to improve things for their peers. They wrote into our founding documents that young people would always be involved in running Evolve. So at least half the members of our Board are aged under 25, we employ young people wherever we can, and we take every opportunity to ask young people what they need and want.